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Mare Care Fees:

Dry Mare = $2.00/day

Wet Mare w/foal = $3.00/day

The Boys of Sagebrush


Sequoia Alfalfas Hot Tamale         

aka:  Tommy

AMHA   A 111576   31.25"    

AMHR  247483A 

dob: 02/25/2000

sire: Little Kings Alfalfa Please      28.5"         dam: Angel Wings Cayenne Pepper    33.0"

Tommy has a beautiful floating trot.  He is registered as a Silver Dun which is actually grullo.  He has all the characteristics; line back, primitive markings, and a cross. His dam was a miniaml overo so Tommy carries the overo gene. In 2003, his dam produced a LWO foal. This prompted us to have him tested and he came back POSITIVE for LWO.

All of his foals have been pintos to this point. 



Short Assets Kilroy

aka: Kilroy

MDR   25689        33"

dob: 12/29/1998

sire:  Windcrest Rusty Red    30.75"           dam: Sky Point Twiggy  32.5"

Kilroy is a very sweet boy that loves to have his cheeks scratched. He isn't particular about which set you scratch either! We hand-breed so that we can ensure he is always gentle with the girls. He is not allowed to get too rough. Kilroy does pass his personality to his offspring, creating very sweet and loving mules.

See his show record on  Kilroy's own personal page.


 Stud fee:   $400  to a very limited number of approved mares for mules.



Little America's Terrific Blaze         

a.k.a.: Blaze

AMHA   A 140929     32.25"  

AMHR   249379A

dob: 04/18/2003

sire: Little America's Tornado Terrific   30.25"         dam: Sweetwaters Little Doll 29.5"

Blaze is our newest stallion. I loved his conformation and his color. I guess my breeding program is going dilute. Blaze is a super sweet boy that is developing nicely. His first foal was a smutty buckskin tobiano colt.   He spent a couple years on lease to a couple of different farms.  In 2009 he produced an awesome TINY colt in Utah.



Sagebrush Tamales Nick of Time

aka: Nick

AMHA   eligible - pending

AMHR  eligible - pending

dob:  February 18, 2013

sire: Sequoia Alfalfas Hot Tamale   31.25"  dam:  PGMs April Champagne Showers  33"

I covered April 1 time last year.  I knew her breeding dates.  It was her first foal, no mares ever read the "book".....figured she was going to foal sometime mid March by her breeding date.  I had decided to move her into the nursery the first of March and under camera.  Well she had other plans.  Unfortunately she was out in GenPop with all the mules.  They do not like a stranger coming into the herd.  I was going out to feed and saw the mules fussing over someone.  Didn't think much of it, they do that sometimes.  But then I saw someone on the ground getting stomped....YIKES!  WHO!?!?!?  Ran out to find the foal being abused by all the mules (5)!  They were biting at him and trying to stomp him.  I grabbed him up and ran to safety.  Got hubby out of the house to help me get momma too.  Got both to safety, started checking the boy over to see if he was damaged.  He was fine.  Momma was fine too just confused.  Got everyone cleaned up, nursery straightened out and ready and moved mom and the new kid in.  Stayed with him until I was sure he was OK and was nursing and doing everything horses need to do.  All is good!   Learned another lesson!

He is a very dainty and TINY boy.  He is very delicate but may be a little premature.  He was born at 309 days.  He is healthy and acting like a good foal.  I'm trying not to get attached!  He is a grulla like his daddy, should be tested for LWO gene and momma is a champagne so will check for that too. He has one bright blue eye and one dark blue.



Sagebrush Blazes Champagne on Ice

aka:  Ghost




dob: May 14, 2014

sire: Little Americas Terrific Blaze  32.5"    dam: PGMs April Champagne Showers  33"

Ice arrived after about a week of anticipating him.  April went into labor but didn't seem to be progressing like she should.  Went to help and saw just a foot.  Reached in and found the other foot but no nose.  Great!

Went in again and found his nose.   Finally got his nose to poke out but his head was upside down.  Not on his legs like they should have been.  Had to really work with April to get him out.  I'm glad I was there because this boy was worth it.  He is a Classic Champagne with one white sock, so far.  Once we clip him we may find more white. 


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