Sagebrush Tamales Threes A Charm

a.k.a.:  Three  

AMHA   A 140102   29" (May 28,2004)

Sire: Sequoia Alfalfas Hot Tamale (LWO+)   30.5"          dam: Dent Painted Belle  34"

Born March 3, 2003

This is Tommy's first offspring.  I think he did ok.  His name came from everything around him involving the number '3'.  He was born on 3-3-03, he was the 3rd colt this mare had, the 3rd pinto she had, the 3rd foal she had for us, and then when he was discovered, my husband thought he was a 3rd dog.  He had managed to get through the fence right after he was born and the dogs were cleaning him up.  My husband looked out the kitchen window because Tommy was having a fit.  He saw the 2 dogs playing with what he thought was the neighbors dog.  Then the 3rd dog toppled over and he realized, "It wasn't a dog".  Ran outside with a towel and started drying him off and got him back with Momma.  All ended fine.  He was born with his eyelashes tucked under his lower lid.  We got them out but his eyes had been scratched.  He has tiny "gray" spots on each eye but his vision doesn't seem to be affected at all.  He is quite the character.  VERY INDEPENDENT.  He was imprinted so he is extremely people friendly. Tommy has passed on his dun line and a partial cross.  He comes complete with racing stripes and an attitude.  He has a lot of action and flags that tail when he runs.  He runs A LOT and loves to jump. 

Congratulations to Patricia Maestas of Espanola, New Mexico. 


Sagebrush Tamales AustinTatious

a.k.a.  Austin

Sire: Sequoia Alfalfas Hot Tamale (LWO+)  30.5"          dam: Dent Painted Belle  34"

AMHA A 150040     30"

AMHR 249761T

Born March 25, 2004 

This little guy is a full brother to Threes A Charm.  He is also a grullo pinto with the primitive markings on his legs.  It is amazing how much he is like his brother.  He has the same kind of personality, very sweet, loves people and LOVES to show off.  He has discovered jumping and jumps everything! Once again this mare surprised us.  She showed no signs of foaling the day before but at morning feeding, this little one comes out of the barn behind mamma. We thought about calling him "Threepeat" because he is SO MUCH like his brother it's scary!   BUT if you look up the word ostentatious in the dictionary this is what it says:

ostentatious: a lavish or pretentious display: SHOWY

It fits!

Austin was in his first show at our State Fair in Sept.  He took a 3rd and a 5th out of 8. 

Congratulations to Lindsey Porobovich of Wittman, AZ!



Sagebrush Ricos No Me Tocas Amie

a.k.a.      "Princess" Amy

AMHR 247484T

Sire: Oltmans Mudcreek Farms Rico Suave        dam: Pattons Keisha  35"

born April 24, 2004

This is Keisha's first foal.  Her name is Spanish for "Don't Touch Me".  She considers herself a little "Princess" that should NOT be touched.  She has nice long legs and unique coloring.  I'm hoping she appy's out like her mom.  We waited for over a month for her to arrive.  She has incredible high stepping movement.  Her knees seem to hit her chest and her hocks almost touch her little butt. 

Congratulations to Peggy Reynolds of Glencoe, NM


Sagebrush Tamales Full Throttle

a.k.a: Spitfire

AMHA   A 159445  23"

AMHR 259796T

Sire:  Sequoia Alfalfas Hot Tamale       dam: CMHF Grace Kelly

born  April 6, 2005

Grace must have read the books on this one.  This is her first foal and he was born ON her due date at noon.  It was a very tight fit but she managed to squeeze him out.  She was exhausted afterwards but nickered to him and started tending to him right away.  He is a Red Dun and he is an OVERO!  We found a white spot on his belly!   Daddy is a silver dun LWO+ so the gene is there.  As soon as the sac was off his face, Spitfire was up on his feet with his tongue out trying to nurse.  He hasn't slowed down much since then.  

Spitfire carries a  LWO gene needed to breed for the "Frame" overos. 

Congratulations to Gayle Lemler of Corrales, NM


Sagebrush Feathers High Octane 

a.k.a.  Diesel

AMHA  A 164337

Sire: HCM Peppers Shaman 32.5"         dam: R Hassy N Das Princess Red Feather  32.5"

born March 15, 2005

This little guy was a surprise.  We bought Feather in Oct as an unbred mare.  She fooled everyone!  The joke was that she had a big gas bubble.  We pulled DNA on him and his dam and found out who is Daddy is.  He is now a nicely put together, registered gelding.  

 Congratulations to Gayle Lemler of Corrales, NM


Sagebrush Too BlazeN Rambunctious

a.k.a. Rambo

AMHA pending

AMHR  pending

Sire: Little Americas Terrific Blaze   32"    dam: Dent Painted Belle  34"

born  March 29, 2006

This is Blaze's first foal.  I have no idea what color he is at this point but I'm pretty sure he carries a dilute gene.  His canon bone measured 5" and he was 18" at birth. The possible colors are; silver dapple, smokey black, or some kind of buckskin. He has changed quite a bit since birth.  He isn't afraid of anything.  He will come running at you full bore, turn and fire "both cannons" at once.  He has all ready decided he doesn't need momma......much!  This boy is going to be quite the character!! 


Congratulations to Anne and Cheyanne Sacoman of Los Lunas, NM


Sagebrush Blazes Kahlua N Cream

aka:  Tank

AMHA pending

AMHR pending


sire: Little America's Terrific Blaze  32.5"      dam:  CMHF Grace Kelly  32.75"


Tank was born at 346 days.  First time his dam had an "easy" delivery!  He is a blue-eyed  Smokey Cream, with a neat star and large snip.  He will be tested for color to verify it.  Tank has a wonderful personality, is very friendly, and all ready loves the girls! He is being halter broke and all ready stands to have his feet trimmed! He will make a wonderful show gelding or pet.  He could be a nice herd sire as well if you want the dilute foals.


Congratulations to Sarah Volock!



Sagebrush Buckeroo Gypsy

a.k.a. Gypsy

AMHA  A 168353   32"

Sire: Boones Dandy Buckeroo  31"       dam: Sunshines Color Me Blaze   29"

dob: April 24, 2004

Cashew's second successful foal.  She is a tiny, refined little girl with a very friendly attitude. She was born a month early (typical for this mare) but is healthy and energetic.     Even though you can't tell it most of the time, she is a beautiful gray pinto. 


Congratulations to Donna Ramsey of New Harmony, Utah!


Sagebrush Tamales Unique Belle

a.k.a. Neekers

AMHA A 161556  32" temporary

AMHR  260646T

Sire:  Sequoia Alfalfas Hot Tamale       dam: Dent Painted Belle

born  April 14, 2005

WOW!  I couldn't believe this girl.  Talk about some unique colorings.  Belle has a pattern she follows with her foals.  First, don't let anyone know you are close!  Second, have 2 colts, 2 fillies, 2 colts.......FILLY!  This little girl has nice long legs.  She should make an awesome show mare then possibly a  great color producer as a broodmare.  She was tested for the LWO gene and proved to be positive for the gene. This means she has the potential of producing some LOUD colored foals in the future.   This is an IN YOUR POCKET filly.  She follows you around like a puppy and seeks out humans to love her.


Congratulations to Donna Ramsey of New Harmony, Utah!



Sagebrush Tamales Blonde Stranger       

a.k.a.: Solo

AMHA   pending

AMHR   pending

dob: 05/07/2008

sire: Sequoia Alfalfas Hot Tamale     31.25"         dam: CMHF Grace Kelly 3   2.5"

We almost missed this one!  Grace showed NO signs of being close other than rubbing her butt and having a full udder.  Dave went out for his morning walk and noticed Grace down and rolling with a much too familiar look.  He ran over to check on her and the nose and front feet were all ready showing.  This boy is big!  He needed a lot of help to get out and poor momma was exhausted.  He is her last foal.  He's a light palomino with gray/blue eyes. He will be gelded for sure.  He's cute but just not stallion material.  

Solo is extremely sweet natured even intact.  He is just like his momma about standing to be loved on all day.  He does have a really nice trot when he does move out.  He would make a neat driving partner with his momma.  


Congratulations to Leslye Sneider of Albuquerque, NM


Sagebrush Tamales Serengeti

aka:  Sara  

 AMHR 292051T    35" 


sire: Sequoia Alfalfas Hot Tamale  31.25"      dam:  Pattons Keisha 35"

"Sara" is definitely a line-back dun.  She has a dark dorsal stripe, shoulder barring, primitive leg markings and darker head and legs.  She is probably a bay dun.  She also has the white sclera and mottled privates that are typical of an appaloosa and is beginning to develop white spots on her body.  It's possible she will varnish like her dam.  She is going to be a unique girl.  At birth, her cannon bone was 8.5" and she was 24".  

Clipped for the first time on 5-9-08.  She has a small white spot on her left fore leg, a tiny white spot on her rump and some white hairs in her mane. 


Congratulations to Debra Meadows of Tarzana, CA


CMHF Grace Kelly

aka: Gracie

AMHA  A 112153  32.75"  DNA'd

AMHR 255485A

dob: April 16, 2000

sire: Double HS Bold Robinhood  29.5"    dam: Hidden Hollow Carol Lynn  31"

Grace came to the farm to replace an older barren mare.  Bred to Tommy for her first foal, Grace had a beautiful Red Dun Overo colt. She has had 2 more beautiful colts and 1 angel filly.  The filly had a defect in her throat and she couldn't get air in.  The vet said there wasn't anything we could do.   Grace is a great mom to her foals but unfortunately she has a hard time delivering.  We've made the decision to never breed her again.  It's going to be hard on her but I'd rather not loose her or a foal. I couldn't justify it.  

Gracie is the perfect little girl's horse.  She loves to be groomed and dolled up and will stand all day for attention.  She is very sweet natured and calm. 

Gracie is being offered for sale to a NON-Breeding home only.  She has too much difficulty foaling and should not be bred again.  


Congratulations to Becky Bell of Odessa, TX


Sagebrush Tamales Dun In Style

aka:  Style

AMHA   A 194369

AMHR  pending

dob: April 13, 2009

sire: Sequoia Alfalfas Hot Tamale  31.25 "    dam: R Hossy N Das Princess Red Feather  32.5"

This little boy was the only foal this year that didn't give me trouble!  He arrived textbook!  He is a tiny little guy.  He is a a VERY dark grulla with all the dun markings; lineback, shoulder bars, eartips, leg barring......He's developing a sweet personality and is extremely smart.  He halter broke in one attempt! 

SOLD!  Congratulations to Andrea and Bailey Olsen of Nephi, UT


Sagebrush Tamales Don't Tell Momma     

a.k.a.: Mouse

AMHA   eligible   

AMHR   eligible

dob: 05/25/2008

sire: Sequoia Alfalfas Hot Tamale     31.25"         dam: Little Americas Buckeroo Gal  34" about a LONG mare stare. I waited 3 long years for this boy to arrive.  We had bred his dam for the past 3 years with no resulting foals.  I gave her one more shot before doing something drastic.  I watched her, thought she was getting bigger, never saw any movement so I wasn't sure.  On the 24th, I noticed her bag was really big and her milk vein was huge.  She seemed uncomfortable but DUH!   I didn't put her under camera.  On the 25th, I went out to feed and saw Gal was in her barn.  OK.  Then I counted the legs.  There were 4 too many!  She had had him without any assistance and he was all ready dry and had found the milk bar. Thank God everything went smooth.  He was very petite and if I didn't know better I'd say he was premature.  Her last breeding date puts her at 356 days.   He is a minimal overo with 1 blue eye.   

SOLD!  Congratulations to Sarah Volock of Corrales, NM!


Sagebrush Blazes All That Jasmine

aka:  Jasmine

AMHR  315964T   

dob: March 30, 2012

sire: Little Americas Terrific Blaze 32.5"    dam: Patton's Keisha  35"

WOW!   Keisha was listed for sale "exposed" to Blaze.  She didn't sell.......Oh Well!!!!  I'm OK with that.  Someone else would have gotten my dream girl!  After a 24 hour labor ordeal, she arrived at 5 a.m. with one front leg curled back.  I was there for her and able to get her straightened out and delivered with no other problems.  She is a beautiful smutty buckskin with gray/blue eyes.  She has mottled out a lot around her mouth and eyes and privates.  She has appaloosa in her blood from her dam. 

Congratulations to Lloni Schmied of  Devine, TX!


Sagebrush Blazes HotRod Lincoln

aka: HotRod

AMHA   A 211329  28"

AMHR   315963T

dob:  March 22, 2012

sire: Little Americas Terrific Blaze   32.5"  dam: R Hossy N Das Princess Red Feather   32.5"

This little guy is going to be small.  He is Mr. Personality!  He LOVES to love you and will ask you to pick him up.  Once the stall is open, he takes off running like a race horse.  He runs laps all day.  He has no fear and would be an incredible therapy horse or just someone's love bug.  If you're breeding for tiny.....he will definitely reduce the size in your herd.   He will not be a riding horse so don't ask if he can be.  HE WILL BE TOO SMALL!!!!!

Congratulations to Barbara Adkins of  Lytton Springs, TX!


Sagebrush Tamales Little Red Corvette

aka:  Turbo



dob: April 25, 2014

sire: Sequoia Alfaflas Hot Tamale  31.25"    dam: R Hossy N Das Princess Red Feather   32.5"

Turbo is the smallest foal we have ever had, 15" at birth.  He is perfect!  Beautiful red dun, with all the markings.  Turbo could be a great show boy with his attitude.  Loves attention and comes running

when out in the pasture.  Could also make a wonderful Therapy Horse! 


Congratulations to Buffy Strange of Azle, TX



Sagebrush Blazes Cool Hand Luke

aka: Luke

AMHA   A 211328

AMHR   317012T

dob:  May 1, 2012

sire: Little Americas Terrific Blaze   32.5"  dam:  Morning Moons Streak of Luck   33.5"

Ever done something that you really don't know why but you do it anyway?   This mare was with a stallion last spring.  I can't remember which one or when.....she got really fat but we saw NO movement and when I tried to squeeze her, it was really squishy.  Not firm like a foal belly.  BUT her udder kept getting bigger.  I didn't believe her and thought she was having a false pregnancy.  I checked her udder and it expressed fluid easily.  NOTHING else looked like a mare about to foal.  My gut said put her up anyway.  Good thing!  Went out in the morning to find a new baby boy.  If she had been left out the mules would have killed the foal.  Amazing how things work isn't it!?!?!?!

Luke is a double dilute meaning he got a cream gene from both parents.  His dam is a Smokey Silver Black Roan, sire is a buckskin.  I believe (prior to any testing), Luke is going to be a Smokey Silver Black like his dam.   Right now he is a gorgeous silver but seems to be getting darker slowly.  He looks more and more like his dam's color daily.  His papers are going to say  "silver dapple" but I know he is smoky silver black.  


Congratulations to Bailey West, Canyon Lake,  TX