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Sagebrush Tamales Nautical Wheeler

aka: Tuck

AMHA   A 212452

dob:  May 24, 2012

sire: Sequoia Alfalfas Hot Tamale   31.25"  dam:  McSperritts Cutters Cantata   32"

Pasture breeding will drive you insane!  Won't do it again!  Wasn't sure when Katy would foal but my gut told me to put her up and start watching "just in case".  Second night, with her utter barely there but hot to the touch and her acting a little "off", I felt I should watch her that night.  Couldn't get the camera to work and didn't bother to go find out why.  The hound woke me up at 5am barking at the back door which wasn't normal.  Went to see what was up and found the mare down and a dried off boy standing next to her.  Ran out to make sure all was OK and meet the new kid.  Beautiful grulla pinto boy.  No questions about who his daddy is!!!  Tommy marks all his "kids" with his dun factor!  Looks like this guy is going to have blue eyes on top of it!