The ones we ride!




Cleo was one of those animals you just don't pass up on.  I saw her at my friend's house as we drove by and thought she looked like a really nice mule.  We kept talking about her and finally I decided to at least go see her up close.  OOPS!  Took a short ride on her and was hooked!  Even hubby wanted to go check her out.  We brought her home the next day.  She was purchased from a 75 yr old man that was using her as his main means of transportation.  He rode her 6 miles into town and home and if he was offered a ride, he would get her to jump into the back of the pickup and ride home.  She is a real sweetheart, very mellow and laid back.  She follows hubby around like a puppy which is a neat thing.  He really likes her as do I.  She just may have found her forever home.  


SB Sister Sarah

a.k.a.  Sarah

ADMS    E-14761


Sire:  Romeo      Dam: Unknown

November 2008

You know how sometimes you just happen to look at a website you haven't looked at in some time?  Well,  I was bored and decided to check out one like that.  I saw this little doll and fell in love.  I showed the Hubby and he thought she looked really good.  Made contact with the seller, worked some deals and she was ours.  She will be shown for sure!  When she's old enough, we'll break her to ride and maybe drive.  She gives great donkey hugs and LOVES her cookies.