Me and my
Indian pony Squaw Lady.  If you look at the bottom, you can see where it says "Shawna Darlene Knight, 3 years".  I used to go out, by myself, and climb the rail fence and when Squaw passed by I'd slip right on and ride.  We have home movies of me riding, barefoot, and holding on with my toes.  Wish we could find that!  This was taken in '67.
Me and my friend, Paula Kirkbride, taken in 1971.  This was my Indian pony, Squaw Lady. 
Me and Molly.  She was a very sweet grade Quarter Horse mare that I spent lots of time on.  This photo was taken in 1977.....check out those "cool" pants!
This is Jenny, my first experience with a Longear.  She was a total sweetheart.  She belonged to my brother and he sold her to another friend. Taken in 1977.
Me and my brother Jeff on our stick horses.  I'm on Sugarfoot and Jeff is on Ruth.  I think I was showing my mom I was "4".  This was taken in 1968.
  Babe was my first soul mate.  She belonged to my sister-in-laws mother.  That was where we did a lot of our 4-H stuff and that is where we met for the first time.  I saw her and ran to the pasture and she came running to me.  It was love at first site for sure.  We bonded immediately.  I couldn't wait to go see Babe.  Her name was Chama but no one ever called her that.  She was Missy to Dorothy and Babe to me.  I got her when she was 10.  Mrs. Goodin had lost her vision and couldn't ride anymore.  My Dad made arrangements to by my dream horse!  She was perfect!!!  If I wanted to run, she ran as fast as we could go.  I learned to ride bareback on her.  The great thing about her was she could tell how good the rider was.  If you sat a baby on her she wouldn't even flinch a fly off.  She would do whatever you asked from showing to barrels to pulling things.  She lived to be 33 yrs old.  One winter she just laid down and said enough.  That was a hard day.