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Kilroy's Get

This is Kilroy.  All the mules on this page are sired by him.

Our first Mule


SM Kilroys Maestro

aka: Maestro   

AMR:  MGE-3355    36"

May 30,2002

                       sire: Short Assets Kilroy  33"                dam: Brat   36.5"

Momma rejected this little doll at first. He spent his first 8 hours following me and drinking from a bottle. He loves to snuggle with you on a pillow. VERY CUTE!!!! We had to drug Momma to get her to let him nurse. He got what he needed in time. After spending a day with him, Momma decided he was pretty cool to hang with.

We body clipped him. Whoops!!! He isn't a red bay. He is chocolate brown just like Daddy. He is a very handsome fellow though. I guess I should have named him Chocolate Moose!

Maestro began his show career when he was just 3 months old.  Of course he didn't do so good in the ring because he was a little spaz!  Everyone thought he was the cutest thing.  He was.  As he matures, he is learning how to show and to behave himself.  

  Maestro took 1st in the Mini Mule class at the 2004 Valencia County Fair.  He went on to win Reserve Grand Champion Mule! This is competing against full size mules!   He also took 1st in Miniature mules at our State Fair in 2004. 

In 2006 at the Castle Rock, CO Mule and Donkey show, Maestro took 1st in 3 and under Mules and went on to take Reserve Champion Mule over all!  This was against full-sized mules! 



 SM Kilroys Sunny Delight

 aka: Sunny

AMR:  MMA-3354  35.5"

March 15, 2003

 sire: Short Assets Kilroy  33"                dam: Cashew  29"



This was an accidental mule.  Some friends had been keeping Kilroy to breed to another mare while we went out of town.  They left him out on pasture one night and the next morning found him in the stall with one of their mares.  They had been breeding this mare to one of their stallions.  When they did an ultrasound she was in foal.  What was it though?  They decided to wait to see what they got.  WOW!! The pictures don't do her justice.  My Dad, being the "mule man", bought her.  I'm having a  hard time explaining to him that we can't make any money breeding for mini mules if he keeps them all, especially when he BUYS them!  Sunny is a keeper though.  VERY sweet little girl all though she does have her moments.  She is definitely a show mule.



Sagebrush Kilroys Court Jester

aka: Jester

AMR:  MGE-3337  37.25"

April 13, 2004

 sire: Short Assets Kilroy  33"                dam: Angel  33.5"


This was a long anticipated mule.  We bought Angel at an auction and have no idea what her breeding is. We're not even sure what color she is.  He is a beautiful boy with the most beautiful eyes.  He was the biggest baby I've ever seen. We measured him the next morning, and even not completely unfolded, he came in at 22 3/4".  This was the first time ever that I got to witness a birth.  Not only did I get to witness, I got to assist.  The foal was so big, Angel was having trouble getting him out.  I had to break the sac and help her deliver him.  Talk about an adrenaline rush!  It was awesome!  Something I will never forget.  His next problem was trying to get those LONG legs to work.  Took him a few minutes to get them all under him but he did it.  Then he had to try and figure out how to reach the spigots.  His legs were so long, he had to stoop way down to reach and then since he was the first for momma, her teats were so full and TINY he had a hard time latching on.  He got it though.  He had such a clown attitude he got the name Jester. 

Since he was imprinted at birth, he is an unusual mule.  His first body clip, he was completely relaxed.  So much so that he cocked h is back foot to rest.  Never even flinched. His first bath, he didn't move and even held up his front legs for me to wash.  He is SUCH a sweet boy!  He learns fast and has a fantastic attitude.  


Congratulations to Sandy Schiller of Deming, NM




 SM Kilroys Miss Wylie

 aka: Wylie

AMR:  MMA-3461  31.5"

May 16, 2005

 sire: Short Assets Kilroy  33"                dam: Cashew  29"


We thought we would get a matched pair for Sunny D but Cashew had other plans.  This little girl has no white that I can find other than her mane, tail and some white hairs on her little face.  We had her genetically tested and the results are that she is a true Palomino!  She has so much personality.  We thought of calling her Bunny but it didn't fit her.  She is definitely WYLIE.  





June 10, 2005

 sire: Short Assets Kilroy  33"                dam: Tammie  33"


This is Jasmine.  She belonged to Donny McDougall, a veterinarian that has a 4 up of black mini mules.  He wanted a Kilroy baby as a "backup".  He was hoping for another black but got this beautiful silver bay instead.  Another unique color for mini mules.  He had originally decided to try for a repeat but found out his wife was expecting a baby so sold this little girl.  She now resides in CA with a wonderful, loving couple. 




SM Kilroys Silk Stockings

aka: Fiesty

AMR:   MMA-3549  34"

March 28, 2006

 sire: Short Assets Kilroy  33"                dam: Angel  33.5"


Fiesty was born at 10:30 in the morning with NO problems at all.  She was up and at 'em with a good sucking reflex within 10 minutes.  It didn't take her long to find the faucets either.  Before she could really stand very well, she was trying to buck   I believe she is going to be a dark bay but I could be wrong.  She has coal black stockings and a black belly.  She should mature somewhere around 34"-35".  She is all ready very people friendly and a total love bug. 


Congratulations to Scott and N.J. Strickland of Bayfield, CO



SM Kilroys Cinco de Mayo

aka: Muchacho

AMR:  MGE-3550

May 05, 2006

 sire: Short Assets Kilroy  33"                dam: Patton's Keisha  35"


Muchacho was born on Cinco de Mayo at 12:30 am. He was up and trying to buck within 30 minutes.  We were hoping for a very LOUD appy foal but that didn't happen.  Eventually,  I think he will color out but for now, all we have is a tiny white spot on the top of his rump, the tip of his tail is white, and all 4 feet are white striped.  At 3 months, he is getting more and more white hairs!


Congratulations to Sandy Schiller of Deming, NM


SM Kilroys Red Hot Chili Pepper 

aka: Pepper

AMR:  MGE-3719 30"

May 05, 2008

 sire: Short Assets Kilroy  33"                dam: R Hossy N Das Princess Red Feather 32.5"


I watched this mare for most of the night.  She never laid down once.  She kept pressing her fanny up against the wall.  At 6 am, I moved her back out to her own stall where she was more comfortable.  At 8 am, she foaled. Pepper is a beautiful liver chestnut and has personality to burn.  He is tiny and has perfect conformation.  He is very well behaved and would do great in the show ring.  He was left intact too long and has studdy checks but it just adds to his over all look.  For his size he is going to be a powerhouse and would make a good pulling mule I think.    


Congratulations to Connie Burch of Chama, NM



SM Kilroys Memphis Belle


AMR:   MMA-3778

April 08, 2009

 sire: Short Assets Kilroy  33"                dam: Dent Painted Belle  34"


This baby was Belle's first mule.  This year has been a tough year for us.  This little girl made momma very uncomfortable and I'm very glad I was home for her arrival.  She was a "redbag".  That means the placenta separated early and was trying to come out before the foal.  It's a critical delivery at that point and time is of the essence.  We made it though and she is a healthy, happy girl.  She's got long legs for her size!  She's very smart and LOVES to love you.  She's going to be an awesome show girl and someday will look great pulling a cart!


Congratulations to Andrea and Bailey Olsen of Nephi, UT



SM Kilroys CassANova 

aka: Cass

AMR:  MGE-3931

May 07, 2011

 sire: Short Assets Kilroy  33"                dam: McSperritts Cutters Cantata  32"


This little guy took forever to arrive.  He was another "redbag" delivery but again I was fortunate to be there to help him out.  He was worth the wait!  LONG legs and high whites in the rear.  He is one of the sweetest mules to date.  He can't love on you enough. He runs to meet you at the gate and just rubs all over you. He is going to finish at about 36"-37" and is going to be a nice driving mule. 

 If he doesn't sell, he will make a nice teammate for Sunny D. 




Congratulations to Sandi Costa of Huntsville, TX



SM Kilroys Wreaking Havoc 

aka:  Havoc


May 10, 2015

 sire: Short Assets Kilroy  33"                dam: PGMs April Champagne Showers  33"


We did it!!!!!  We created a Champagne Mini Mule!!!!  April is a classic cream champagne.  Havoc appears to be a Sable or Amber Champagne...with blue eyes (at least for now).  I will have him tested to find out which color he is for sure but we know he IS champagne.  PLUS he is a Tobiano!  The 4 white socks is how Tobiano displays on mules typically.  He is AMAZING!  With this boy I get to start showing again as soon as he is old enough.  Can't wait to show him off!