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Meet the Ladies

Dent Painted Belle

aka: Belle

AMHA  A 63642  34.00"

AMHR 213130A

May 25, 1994

sire: Bond in the Chips 30.5"        dam: Tina 34"

Belle was our first miniature mare.  She came to us pregnant.  They sold her because she kept having sorrel colts and they wanted spotted ones.  Our first baby was a black and white pinto filly!!  The second foal we had with her was also a pinto filly.  Then the third, the fourth, the fifth.......must be something in the water........  Belle is a wonderful broodmare.  She settles on 1 breeding, usually, and delivers by herself without giving you any signs she is close.  I think she prefers to do this all privately. 


Savannah Moon

aka: Toot

AMHA  A 114564  29.25" 

dob: May 8, 2000

sire: Dent Tom Thumb  30"          dam: Dent Painted Belle    34"

Savannah was our first foal. She has quite the attitude.  She had colic surgery in Feb.'02. She did great. The  vet says it is probably because of her attitude that she did so good. Now we have to keep a close eye on her so that she doesn't do it again.  Since she was our first foal, I'll do all I can to keep her around.  Since she is prone to  colic issues we will never breed her.  She will just be our sweet Savannie and live out her life here.  She has become the "Boss Mare" of the young ones.  I think she kind of likes it even though she does get tired of them following her everywhere.  It's cute to see her little herd running around.  

On May 23, 2007 Savannah received a severe eye injury and lost the use of her left eye.  The photos are gruesome so if you have a weak stomach....don't look!

See Savannah's eye injury and read the story here: eye injury



Little Americas Buckeroo Gal

aka: Gal

AMHA  A 123947  34" 

AMHR  255780A

dob: May 15, 2001

sire:  Little Kings Bingo Buckeroo  29.0"      dam: G ES Sara   33.25"

I bought Gal as a  yearling. I purchased her specifically to breed to Tommy. She thought she was ready as a 2 yr old but I wanted to wait a while and show her. She finally had her first foal for us in 2008 and BOY was he worth the wait.  See Mouse on the "sold" page.


R Hossy N Das Princess Red Feather

a.k.a. Feather

AMHA  A 66369  32.5"

AMHR 255779A

Sire: CC King of Hearts 29"         dam: R Hossy N Das Mariah   31.25"

dob: May 5, 1994

I found Feather on the Internet. She was a deal I couldn't pass up. She is a really nice mare with a beautiful head.  She is a solid chestnut that I think will make a nice cross with Tommy. She is a sweet girl, easy going, gentle and the foals she has had are really nice foals.  Her first mule was a little doll!  Not sure why but this mare's foals all have "Vroom Vroom" names:  High Octane (Diesel), Red Hot Chili Pepper (Pepper), and in 2012, HotRod Lincoln (HotRod).....



PGMs April Champagne Showers

a.k.a. April


AMHR pending 

ICHR   MH2008-0695

Sire:  HHH Champagne JJ       dam: Morning Moons Streak of Luck  34"

dob: April 1, 2008

I finally got my Champagne!  April is a sweet girl.  There are some  issues getting her papers but hopefully we can work something out eventually.  Either way, she's home. 


McSperitts Cutters Cantata

aka: Katy

AMHA  A 53953 32"   

dob: May 01, 1993

sire: Pineys Grass Cutter   29.5"    dam: McSperitts Symphonette  33.25"

Katy is a sweet mare but isn't a "pocket pet".  She doesn't mind being loved on but doesn't demand it either.  She was shown as a younger horse and did well with a youth.  She has produced several show quality foals. We're happy to add her to our herd and see what we can do with her.  She's very happy here with all the attention and room to romp.  Katy retired in 2012.  I only got 2 foals from her but they are stunning boys.  She is an aged mare and I think she deserves to live a life of leisure.  I also think she has a vision problem and this boy was a little rough on her.  She will stay here and finally just be a pet to love on.

DNA tested to be LWO-.  This means she can be bred to any stallion without worry.



Morning Moons Streak of Luck 

aka: Streak

AMHA   A 117536  33.5"

AMHR  203738A

dob:  May 6, 2000

sire: Bryland Farms Grey Luck 32.5"   dam: Sweet Sue's Spring/Morning Moons Susie Q  33.25" 

Talk about unusual color.  She is registered as gray on one registry and buckskin on the other......hmmmmm.  She's sweet either way. Her foal has a cream gene so she has to be a Smokey Black under there somewhere. 

DNA tested to see what she really is. 

Red/Black = Ee = Heterozygous. She is black based but does carry a recessive copy of the red gene.

Agouti = aa = Non-agouti, she will not throw bays.

Cream Dilution = nCr = Heterozygous. She carries one copy of the cream dilution gene.

Silver Dilution = nZ = Heterozygous. She carries one copy of the silver dilution gene.

SO, this means she is a Silver Smokey Black Roan.....officially!



  Pattons Keisha

aka: Keisha

AMHR  200397B  35"

dob: May 6, 1999

sire:  Mustardseeds Legionaires Sequoyah  31.5"          dam: Iles Little Lacey 34"

Keisha is a really sweet mare but is the "Boss mare".  She had her first foal in 2004, a nice bay minimal white pinto.  Her first mule foal was a few spot appy mule (1 spot!) but a really nice looking mule.  She has incredible movement and would make a great driving mare if I would just train her to do it.  I had listed this mare for sale but after the foal she had in 2012....she can stay here.