The Best Friends




aka:  Boo

Bluetick Coonhound

DOB:  Mar. 3, 2006

Baylee is my girl but she also adores Dave.  She is an incredibly smart dog that learns very quickly.  She is also a snuggler that likes to sleep with us and will sleep on your neck if you let her.  She is my "little lap dog".  When my old coondog passed, I wanted something small we could travel with.  Well......not small but she does travel with us.  She goes everywhere and gets really excited when she hears the keys jingle.  She will yelp and howl all the way to the truck!  She hasn't met a stranger yet and loves to meet new people.



aka:  Punky Brewster

Jack Russell Terrier

DOB:  January 2, 2009

Domino is Dave's new best friend.  We searched the internet for a few months to find a new girl and tried several different "rescues" to no avail.  We found an ad placed by a breeder and asked to meet the pups.  Once we met them, Domino was our choice and she picked us too.  She's a sweetie when she wants to be but is a TRUE Jack Russell TERRORIST!   She steals the heart of anyone she meets!





aka:  Hoot

Labrador Retriever

DOB:  November 4, 2012

Dave has gone duck hunting in the past.  He had a Lab long ago.  He's talked about getting another one but never did.....until now!  We went duck hunting on the coast in 2012.  We had to take turns picking up the ducks.  Wading in the water is pretty hard work!  Why not have a dog do all that work!!!!  Hoot was born opening morning of duck season.  He is out of pure parents but they were never papered.  That's OK, we don't want to breed. 

Hoot is smart, loves his boy and tries to please.  He is going to be an awesome duck dog!  Can't wait til next season!